Automating Content Creation with Style Transfer

Content creation can become tedious and time intensive for modern companies. While generic AI tools promise automated help, these one-size-fits-all generators struggle to master distinctive brand voices. Most fail to reconcile complex knowledge domains and culture nuance with writing content that resonates. We recently faced this issue while curating consistent AI Tech Digests - a content piece that highlights how we leverage AI across our business. Though off-the-shelf solutions left us wanting, through bespoke innovation we prompt engineered an AI model capable of capturing our voice.

We were exploring the ability to automate the production of an AI Tech Digest. The goal was to save manual effort by automatically generating these digests. However, this presented some unique challenges. The content didn’t just need to be accurate and relevant - maintaining a consistent writing style and presentation was essential. Our digests tackle complex tech topics requiring nuanced explanation to avoid confusing readers.

Existing solutions failed to deliver the level of quality and consistency we were looking for. While tools like Copilot can generate code, and Anthropic can summarise content, none could truly emulate the precise tone and style we’ve cultivated across our social media posts. The nuanced domain knowledge and writing craft involved goes beyond most AI systems’ capabilities.

We realised that to achieve our goals we needed a custom solution. After extensive research, we developed an innovative style transfer approach combining multiple AI techniques. We compiled a dataset of existing marketing pieces to help the model absorb our preferred tone and presentation style. We then leveraged semantic search to identify the pieces with the most similar themes and content to the new digest topics. By ingesting these styled examples in context, the model understands our unique voice with high accuracy.

The end result are AI-generated digests that reliably reproduce our brand style. Take a look at this sample output to see how the model is able to replicate our tone and voice:

🚀 Behind the scenes at Whitesmith: How we're navigating the tech world one sprint at a time!

Hey there, startup enthusiasts! Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a tech company? Here’s a sneak peek into our world, where no two days are the same, and we're continually steering the ship towards new horizons.

This week, we continued to refine our operational efficiency. We had Luís zeroing in on measuring outbound related metrics and identifying ways to monitor our key results better. Simultaneously, Nuno has been buzzing with energy as he lays the groundwork for a groundbreaking web3 Proof of Concept.
Our Digital Transformation of Internal Operations project, led by Diogo, is shaping up excitingly. Halfway through visually mapping the significant stages of our processes, we are now identifying which processes can be automated first based on Return on Investment (ROI).

Lastly, Alexandra Grancho has been diving deep into our Transfer Pricing Policy, looking for ways to improve and share its value with our team.

But as much as we love celebrating wins, we also embrace the hiccups along the way. After all, each challenge pushes us to learn, adapt, and grow stronger.
We hope this peek behind the curtain at Whitesmith gives you a sense of how we hustle every day. We'd love to hear about your journey too! What's a recent win or lesson you've had in your startup journey? 🎯

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Through mastering this technique, we created an AI writing assistant capable of generating digest pieces with a consistent style.

The potential applications of this style transfer technique powered by AI expertise are extensive. From marketing materials, research reports, to other content assets that define your brand voice, the key lies in curating targeted data that exemplifies your style.

In closing, specialised AI can revolutionise content production. But maximising results requires deeply understanding your brand’s distinct qualities and values. And from our experience, tailored solutions beat cookie-cutter approaches every time as content undergoes this creative renewal.

Let’s discuss how custom AI solutions can help overcome your content challenges just as they did ours. While easy access to AI grabs headlines, true expertise is essential to achieving actual success. Reach out to us if you’d like to explore how you can leverage AI in your own business workflows.