No-code your way to validation

AI powered no-code and low-code tools now allow founders to validate their start-up idea faster and for lower cost than ever before. Here’s Whitesmith’s take on the best tools available that allow non-technical founders to prove their technical product idea.

Glide aims to give you the powers of both developer and designer, allowing you to build beautiful and powerful apps lightning fast without writing a single line of code. allows you to connect over 1500 external services and APIs through a simple visual interface to build cloud applications and business workflows through a visual drag and drop interface.
Quickly build AI assistants, chat bots and embeddable AI apps and have them interact with your own data using models like GPT-4 and Claude 2.
Create smart forms for your landing pages, or use as your complete landing page to capture data, analyse it and integrate with your favourite services. All without writing code with the help of

Google Apps Script
Not no-code, but lets you use javascript to interact with your Sheets data and connect to external APIs without worrying about deployment, hosting or infrastructure.

What are you waiting for?
Every one of these tools offers instant access and is free to get started with. What’s stopping you from validating your next start-up idea today?
Just don’t forget to talk to Whitesmith when you are ready to take your validated POC to the next step.