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At Whitesmith, there is a great spirit of peer support, however, since everyone is usually busy with their projects it often happens that when you ask for help your colleagues can’t offer it immediately, of course you can remind them from time to time but at some point it becomes sort of uncomfortable to do so. It would be nice to have something that could remind them every now and then in a non distracting way that you still need their help, or that you really really require their help at that moment.

Aquda is a little device that is placed on the top of a laptop or screen, it has two little flags on the back, and a small OLED screen at the front, if someone needs your help their name would appear on the little screen and one of the flags would rise and shake every once in a while to warn that someone requires assistance; there would be no flashing LEDs, no annoying beep sounds, nor popup alert notifications, it’s just a simple flag saying Hey someone needs you. Plus, the flag can be customised with almost anything, it is just a piece of paper! means help me in a language derived from Portuguese called Whitesmithian


Arduino, HTML, JavaScript, Fusion360