Project Title

AR Puzzle


Leads of Horror – a themed Mystery Puzzle team-building game to discover the name, color and topic of seven companies (leads).

Background story: seven companies came to Whitesmith’s office hours to pitch their product. However, most of the notes got corrupted and we don’t know what information relates to each company.

Process: 3D models were created in Fusion360, 2D codes and assets in Figma. The AR interaction was designed in Snapchat’s Lens Studio. Each team had one mobile phone with Snapchat and all 6 lenses installed. Each room had one or two markers that triggered the models / images.

Bathroom (WC)
Remember Houdini
Constantly breathless
Locked underwater
He needed no key, it was meaningless
Color: Purple
Theme: Smart Locks

Bedroom (BED)
Mine the earth comrade
Do your part for the motherland
Do you work prove you're worth it
Make your wallet strong and grand
Color: Red
Theme: Blockchain
Clue: ETH (Ethereum)

Living room (RELAX)
The brother gave up
He's tired of searching
He quit the mushrooms
Now he's just golfing
Color: Green
Theme: Gaming
Clue: "Clue is in another castle" (Super Mario)

Corridor (HALL)
A book is a journey
Don't judge it by its cover
It will take you to the deep blue sea
To the far lands way over
Color: Blue
Theme: Travel
Clue: Maps on the book covers

Kitchen (COOK)
Prices rise
Prices fall
Check underneath
Check above all
Color: White
Theme: Stock exchange
Clue: "Bull" and "Bear"

Pool table (POOL)
Don't gamble after 6
If you play pool shout fore
Now they thing for you
And will erase the memory of yore
Color: Yellow
Theme: AI
Clue: "I'm sorry Dave" (2001: A Space Odyssey)

Rhymes by Pedro Janeiro


Snapchat Lens Studio, Fusion360, Figma