Project Title

Interactive Installation


This project was developed at the Edenspiekermann Office in Amsterdam as the Thesis Project for the University of Brighton’s MSc User Experience Design. The purpose of this project was to Design, Prototype and Evaluate an Interactive Installation for the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam.

The EYE Film Museum is responsible for managing the national film heritage of the Netherlands, with over 40,000 films and 60,000 film posters in its catalogue. EYE displays up to 20 movies per day and there is also a temporary and a permanent exhibition.

The aim of this project was to develop an interactive installation that increases the visibility of the movies on display, and educates the public about the world of cinema with background information from the movies in the museum’s catalogue.

This project sought to address the following aspects of the User Experience Domain: investigate the optimal visualisation interface to convey the relevant information about the movies on display; study the effectiveness of applying a user-centred approach to the development of an Interactive Installation; experiment what methods from the Standard Interaction Design Process best apply to the development of an Interactive Installation; examine the engagement process required to attract, sustain and relate to museum visitors; analyse and develop methods to assess the interaction, usability, entertainment, collaboration, learning and integration aspects of an Interactive Installation in a Museum setting.


Fusion360, Cinema4D, HTML, JavaScript