Project Title

Orpheu 2.1


Under the 100th anniversary of the Orpheu magazine publication we intended to revisit the work of some of the Portuguese poets and artists that represent the Orpheu generation.

This project focuses on the poem “Chuva Oblíqua” by Fernando Pessoa. We built a model to scale 1:10 of the installation room and a book / interface that lets you control the exhibition.

The installation consists of a “rain” of light and sound that strikes the spectator, the room lights react to the intensity of the voice narrated by Mr. Damasceno. The book serves as an interface allowing to add extra voices, instruments and effects to voice (echo, reverse, 3d simulation). The room’s walls are painted with pathways and words from the poem representing the chaotic mind of the poetic subject.

This project was carried out in a group with Miguel Cruz, Gonçalo Neves and Rafael Ferreira.


Arduino, Processing