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Unplugg is a B2C service created around 2012. However, the new Unplugg was going to be offered as a Machine Learning-as-a-Service - a B2B product.

The word unplugg already has a subliminal relation with energy, and the new identity needed to reinforce that. Energy, Intelligence, Comfort, Efficiency and Automation were the main keywords for the new branding.

The first sketches tried to emphasise the “un” since it represents the action of an opposite force, in this case, saving energy by disconnecting all the plugs, not manually, but automatically.

In the final logo, the typography created blends lower-case letters with upper-case, different x-height letters and baselines to communicate the idea of a line graph. The logo conveys a sense of dynamics similar to what can be seen on energy graphs, and this is one of the reasons why motion was added. The symbol for Unplugg is based on electrical schematics and is based on the code for a multi-cell battery.

The new website was designed with special consideration regarding the copy, data visualisations and conversion. The illustrations were custom date and animated using SVGs.
The live version of the website has had some changes made since this redesign, but most of the branding elements are still present and can be seen at


HTML, CSS, Javascript